THE NIGHT OWL QUIZ 2017 - 2018 

                  FIXTURES . . . .                        

Dates for the Final Stages of the League Competitions:

       Tuesday 10th April                               Handicap Cup - Semi Finals

Ten Points Clear 70
Outbreak of Vitas Gerulaitis -
The Walking ODD 73 
Windscreen Ypres   77 
Sir Humphrey Orangeby 63

Two winners plus highest scoring loser through to the Final on Tuesday 1st May

 Monday 16th April
The Shield - 1st round

The Periodic Table 45
The Walking ODD (just) 54

Outbreak of Vitas Gerulaitis 54
Windscreen Ypres 55

I'll ask a Salmon 58
I Know Nerrthing,  Qué? 55

Three winners plus highest scoring loser through to the Sermi-Finals on Monday 23rd April

    Tuesday 17th April                            Main Quiz and Plate - Quarter Finals                                                 

Main We're not Fake Molluscs! 46
The Dogs of War     55     

Nikolai Mingey-Korsakov 58
The Sign of Four   49   



Plate Bystanders 43
Screwback in Anger 55

Sir Humphrey Orangeby 54
Jonathan Livingston Penguin 53

Monday 23rd April       The Shield - Semi Finals    

The Walking ODD (just) 40
I Know Nerrthing,  Qué? 59

I'll ask a Salmon 58
Windscreen Ypres 45

Tuesday 24th April       Main Quiz and Plate - Semi Finals    

Main Nikolai Mingey-Korsakov 46
Brigadier Sir Nils Olav 60

The Dogs of War 54
Recycled Empties 52

Plate Screwback in Anger
Ten Points Clear of the Drop 44

Can't Seem to Find the Compass! 48
Humphrey Orangeby 47

     Tuesday 1st May       Handicap Cup - Final    

Ten Points Clear 60 Windscreen Ypres  71   The Walking ODD (just) 

     Tuesday 8th May       The Plate - Final  

Screwback in Anger

39    Can't Seem to Find the Compass!     48    

  Wednesday 9th May

The Shield - Final

I'll ask a Salmon

63     I Know Nerrthing,  Qué?               44

  Wednesday 9th May       Main Night Owl Quiz - Final  

Brigadier Sir Nils Olav


The Dogs of War 32

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